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Patrol Vehicles

New book helps trainers avoid common pitfalls and mistakes in emergency vehicle operation instruction
Too much weight degrades performance and increases costs – that’s why materials matter in upfitting
A squad car can feel like a little bubble of safety, but it’s not
“It’s something to get people to talk about public safety and the police department as an example of Irvine’s sustainability goals,” City Councilmember Tammy Kim said
The top 13 states will be included in the 2025 American Association of State Troopers wall calendar
The James City County PD officers standing outside were unable to see where the shots were coming from; neither was struck by gunfire, but one was treated for other injuries
As cruisers are updated to the newest design, which features the department’s flag, the slogan will be replaced with “Fighting Crime, Protecting The Public”
Des Moines PD Officer Dao Meunsaveng had to be extricated from the cruiser by the fire department after it was struck nearly head-on
Because orders for next year were submitted before the cruisers were burned, the Portland Police Bureau must wait until 2025 to order the 2026 models as replacements
The man stole the Paris Police chief’s cruiser, then led officers from multiple agencies on a pursuit before he crashed the cruiser and fired at officers
The Tesla Cybertruck patrol vehicle features upgraded radio and computer systems, a suite of warning lights and a PA system
A Fullerton Police Department officer was outside his cruiser investigating a fatal crash when a Tesla slammed into his patrol vehicle, narrowly missing the officer
The electric SUVs join Georgia Tech PD’s existing fleet which includes various electric alternatives, such as electric golf carts, trikes and bikes
“The DS-GTC-1400 docking stations are designed to maximize the functionality and durability of the Getac S510, ensuring our customers experience unparalleled performance and safety in their demanding work environments,” said Brett Young, Director of Sales at Havis
As the deputy was driving through an intersection, the cruiser was struck by another car, causing it to roll over
Whether it’s a compact car for fuel efficiency or an SUV equipped for tactical operations, each police vehicle type serves a unique role within the broader mission of public safety and law enforcement
“With the introduction of our Rugged Docking Stations for Zebra ET8X 12” Tablets, we are thrilled to further empower our customers in the energy and utilities, public safety, and warehousing sectors,” said Brett Young, Havis Director of Sales
The proposal comes after a Minn. shooting that killed two police officers and a paramedic, where wounded officers were rescued using an armored vehicle purchased in 2008
Don’t be afraid to regularly take your unit to your city, county or state vehicle maintenance folks to have them check the brake pads and wheel alignment
Chief Wayne Jones said the cruiser represents the PD’s “dedication to recruiting the best and brightest individuals to serve our community”
Sandy Munro, host of the Munro Live YouTube channel, explores the features and upfitting required to make a Tesla Model Y ready for law enforcement
Six stolen vehicles were reportedly stopped over a period of two weeks in April thanks to the device
Photographs provided by the police bureau show police cars in flames, including one next to a large propane tank
The Newberry County Sheriff’s Office in South Carolina advised the public not to call the police over noises that may sound like “a siren, or a whine, or a roar”
Anaheim police said the Tesla Model Y was selected for its advanced features, such as rapid acceleration, storage capacity and low maintenance requirements
The Thames Valley Police Department posted that the bird learned the sirens from hearing repeated tests
“This car has been through it all and keeps on going. Sure, the leg room in the back is minimal and the rear seats aren’t all that comfortable, but real friends sit up front anyway!” the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office posted on Facebook
“This donation from the Aurora Police Department will be an incredible learning tool for our students,” Indian Valley Vocational Center instructor Jim Kerry said
With over four decades of expertise in power management, Vanner joining forces with Havis represents a union of complementary strengths