Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning Improves Cities One At A Time

September 20, 2021 - Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning Improves Cities One At A Time. Rekor Systems Inc., headquartered in Columbia, Maryland, is the future of artificial intelligence. Rekor has clients of both governmental and commercial status. And has set out to make the world a safer place through its use of artificial intelligence.

Rekor serves the missions of departments of transportation, government institutions, engineering firms, and law enforcement agencies from one single system. The applications that this incorporation provides include both traffic and infrastructure analytics. Furthermore, live and archival video operations, roadway safety and incident management, and public safety and contactless compliance. Their goal is to provide real-time intelligence that allows for faster decision making for all users.

The departments of transportation benefit by the use of Rekor systems. As communities are kept in sync, while in constant motion, but are protected with immense security. Rekor begins servicing this segment by transforming real-time data into accurate and efficient statistics. Statistics that can maintain the level of productivity within all communities. This instant roadside intelligence provided by Rekor intermingled with third-party data can be used to manage roadway incidents. This allows for a “smooth commute” to work. No matter the location as Rekor can provide DOTs with a complete image of the road. At any point in time or on the map. Rekor Artificial Intelligence also provides speed analysis. Moreover, showing the average speeds traveled around your city and charging station planning. Plus, providing analysis of where and how electric vehicles move around a city. So that efficient charging stations can be built and utilized.

The ability to review historical video recorded by multiple existing data sources from across different agencies adds range to Rekor’s real-time traffic vision. This previously recorded data allows individuals to go back and study the normal flow of traffic versus an irregular flow of traffic and determine what causes congestion and accidents in that particular area.

Some lifesaving benefits that the Department of Transportations need are wrong way driving alerts, linking networks of cameras together to increase range and accuracy, the detection of unsafe speeds or dangerous driving, the ability to share data access with important individuals and agencies, the ability to categorize vehicles by type for better roadway knowledge, and lastly the ability to monitor vehicle emissions keeping the air cleaner. When Rekor Systems worked hand in hand with the Nevada Highway Patrol. Department of transportation, and others. Speeding dropped by 43% and accidents reduced by 18%. 

The next industry segment Rekor Systems improves is government institutions. For these institutions, Rekor works to ensure that their operations are both transparent and effective within their prospective jurisdiction. Rekor offers solution development and design, funding and finance analysis. With the idea to improve cities and states under the advising of Rekor specialists. Each one of these services provides for a customized strategy to meet the safety goals of the institution, to know what financial grants the institution should target, all while working side by side with Rekor professionals.

Through the automation provided, laws can be enforced remotely with license plate recognition and the ability to send warnings to law violators instead of having to dispatch officers. Rekor helps government institutions send automated notices to citizens allowing individuals to avoid the hassle and frustration of registration. Roadway management of wear based on what vehicles are most commonly flowing through a specific area and infrastructure planning are available when implementing Rekor intelligence. An additional perk is the ability of this high-tech information system to identify tourists within traffic flow! The ability of Rekor Systems to provide traffic and infrastructure analytics allows industries to have knowledge about an ever-changing society to create the future of tomorrow, today.

Engineering firms are also able to utilize Rekor systems to more efficiently build and design bridges, roads, tunnels, and more. Moreover, traffic and infrastructure analytics are used to find the optimal location. For new projects given the speeds and traffic patterns in areas of interest. The top benefit that Rekor provides to engineering firms are quick, consolidated, and actual data sets. As opposed to one-off studies. Rekor’s data analysis avoids the complications, costs, and increased safety risk that is often a result of using one-off studies.

Other benefits include offering accurate data collection during projects. Assessing traffic patterns to know the safest time to work. Identification and mitigation of risks to ensure safety on job sites. Saving time and lives. The ability to monitor emissions. Futhermore, avoiding slowdowns and shutdowns by receiving timely data to comply with regulations. In addition, Rekor not only works to reduce potential hazards on engineering projects. But companies working with Rekor are given timely data. Data to be able to build and design adaptations to roadways to have the greatest impact on traffic flow.

Rekor Systems Inc. provides law enforcement agencies with data to enhance their artificial intelligence capabilities. Law enforcement agencies that partner with Rekor are equipped with various solutions. To close cases at a more efficient rate and speed. Industry leading accuracy including license plate recognition and vehicle identification. A searchable vehicle database with flexible data retention. Individual and shared hotlists. As well as user-controlled data sharing. These are all services provided to improve the safety of our world. Furthermore to improve the ability of law enforcement officials. Rekor also provides this segment with solution development and design. Funding and finance analysis. And installation service and support which are provided just like those in the government insitutions.

Rekor will install its state-of-the-art Rekor Edge Series camera for $100/month per camera for the services provided above. The fee includes installation by Rekor and access to the Rekor One Public Safety platform. But the customer must agree to a 1 year, 10 camera minimum. And must participate in the Rekor Network by sharing de-identified data. Different law enforcement agencies have switched to rely on Rekor’s artificial intelligence. To maintain and improve the level of safety within their jurisdiction with much success.

Rekor Systems works to turn real-time data into intelligence that can change the world. Ensuring the safety of citizens in everyday situations. Decreasing traffic jams and collisions. Quickly identifying law breakers. Using license plate and vehicle recognition technologies. And the optimal location for new infrastructure all work to promote a productive and proactive society. These new leaders of artificial intelligence have made the world a safer place. With quick and easy integration to their network. Faster and more reliable information are truly available. If Rekor Systems is utilized by law enforcement, government agencies, engineering firms, and departments of transportation. To make our world a safer place for everyone in it.

Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning Improves Cities One At A Time Written By: Kaley Lyon

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