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911 Signal USA Will be Attending the 2013 Police Fleet Expo-Shouthwest

The Company’s Brand New 2013 Dodge Charger will be on Display in the Exhibit Hall

911 Signal USA is proud to announce that they will be attending the 2013 Police Fleet Expo. This expo is the largest venue for police fleet products and services. As a result, it is a great event to receive education regarding new technology that will help first responders stay safe on the road.

The 2nd annual Police Fleet Expo-Southwest will take place in Fort Worth, Texas on May 22 through May 24. While visiting, guests can see a variety of 911 Signal USA emergency vehicle lighting products and even see how the products can be used to accessorize your fleet. To do this properly, 911 Signal USA will be bringing their brand new 2013 Dodge Charger to the expo.

Due to the success of last year’s expo, the 2013 Police Fleet EXPO will be held in exactly the same location as last year. The expo will take place at the Fort Worth Convention Center located on Houston Street in Fort Worth, Texas. The expo will be open for fifteen hours, which gives visitors ample opportunity to see new, innovative equipment for fleet vehicles, ask questions, and build networks as well.

In addition to exhibits in the exhibit hall, the expo will also host several individual classes, taught by Chevrolet, Ford, and Chrysler, and an open forum with police fleet experts. Those interested in learning how to enhance their fleet can attend all three days of the event for $129, and those with a government ID can walk through the exhibit hall for free.

To find 911 Signal USA easily at the expo, guests can enter through the main entrance, and walk to the middle of the exhibit hall. 911 Signal USA will be located in booth 416, right in the middle of all the action. While at their booth, you can take a peek at their 2013 Dodge Charger loaded with the newest in emergency vehicle lighting, talk with their specialists about all of their emergency vehicle lighting products, and receive answers to any questions you may have. After speaking with them at the expo, law enforcement agents will be better prepared to make changes to their fleet that will make their jobs safer and easier to do.

911 Signal USA builds police lights, fire lights, light bars, dash lights, LED hideaways, strobe light kits, police sirens, and speakers that help men and women first responders do their jobs more effectively and stay safer as well.

If you would like more information about 911 Signal USA’s attendance at the 2013 Police Fleet Expo, or would like to know more about 911 Signal USA’s 2013 Dodge Charger, you can contact:

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