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Extreme Tactical Dynamics Announces Special Sale of New LED Stealth Commander Visor Light Bar

Jupiter, FL- Extreme Tactical Dynamics, an industry visionary in the supply of emergency response vehicle equipment, announced today the sale of the new LED stealth commander visor light bar.

The unique design of the 17 x 6.5 x 1.5 LED stealth commander visor light bar features 90 of the brightest LED bulbs offered on the market today, which emit .75 watts of power each. Priority 1 linear lenses allow for a wider angle viewing. The light bars come in a variety of colors -26 patterns total- and for a limited time are being paired with a free pair of Echo 48 surface mount LED.

“Our mission as a company is to provide emergency response vehicles with a superior LED product at minimal cost to the men and women who are protecting and serving our communities,” commented Extreme Tactical Dynamics spokesman Chris Dallmann.

“It has taken our company months to design and perfect the LED stealth commander visor light bar, and we are extremely satisfied with the final product. In fact, we are providing each customer with a five year bulb warranty, and we challenge anyone to find a brighter visor light bar at a better value.”

Additional features of the LED stealth commander visor light bar include: a digital LED controller, a cigarette lighter power plug, a low battery current to conserve energy, and universal visor mounting brackets.

“The design of the LED stealth commander visor light bar makes it extremely versatile. It can be utilized by any type of first response vehicle, whether it is a fire truck or an ambulance,” added Dallmann. “The lights are designed to remain unseen until they are turned on, which make them ideal for police vehicles as well.”

Extreme Tactical Dynamics is a leading provider of LED vehicle lights for all types of emergency first response vehicles, ranging from police cruisers to hummers. Products include LED dash, deck and visor lights, vehicle mounts, traffic advisers, LED hideaway strobes, light bars, police vehicle sirens and speakers, brackets and switches, along with an assortment of accessories, wires and replacement parts.

ETD work directly with manufacturers to custom design and produce each LED light to best meet the needs of the customer without needlessly inflating prices. For more information about Extreme Tactical Dynamics or to view an online catalog of products offered, please visit