Global Debut of SKIDBIKE Impresses Law Enforcement Motorcycle Trainers

Las Vegas, NV, USA – The 2013 International SKIDCAR Conference, held in Las Vegas, Nevada, in Mid-April, was the backdrop for the debut of the most innovative and practical tool for proactive motorcycle training available. With this launch, those in Law Enforcement, the Military, and First Responders now have a hands-on motorcycle training tool enabling safe and effective training of core concepts and techniques for motorcycle operation.

Attendees from around the world came to the Conference to learn about modern use of SKIDCAR™. But they also got to be the first audience to see the new SKIDBIKE live. During the official one-day debut event, over 30 professional riders had the opportunity to take SKIDBIKE for a test drive. From these riding professionals came a multitude of positive responses. Reactions were as diverse as the riders, but all seemed to have one common theme; “This is astounding!”

Dane Pitarresi, President SKIDCAR System, Inc., the North American distributor of SKIDBIKE, said, “We’ve put so much energy and focus into developing what we hoped would strike a chord with motorcycle professionals and rider trainers. We knew we had a hit, but never anticipated it being a home run from the start.” He added, “One attendee wrote to us after the debut, ‘(SKIDBIKE) does a terrific job of emulating a front wheel skid caused by over-braking or lack of traction. It also provides a safe means of teaching techniques to recover from an unexpected front wheel skid.’”

Lisa Pitarresi, Vice President, said, “We expect to begin taking orders, delivering product, and doing on-site training by the third quarter of this year.”

With SKIDBIKE, experience the dramatic, educational moments that previously could only come from dangerous, unplanned events. Visit, or contact SKIDBIKE at (702) 395-2896 or to find out how to attend an upcoming demonstration or to obtain more information.

SKIDBIKE is the latest in the SKIDCAR SYSTEM® family ( of motor vehicle driver and rider training technologies for those in the law enforcement, military, first responder and similar professions. For nearly 30 years, the SKIDCAR and associated products have helped drivers avoid numerous untold accidents, injury and death in 35 countries around the world.

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