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Super Seer to exhibit the innovative Helmet Awareness System

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Evergreen, Colo. - Super Seer and Strategic Technologies Group (STG) to Exhibit Their New Helmet Awareness System at the IACP 2016 Annual Conference and Exposition.

At this year’s IACP Annual Conference and Exposition to be held at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, California on October 15–18, 2016. Super Seer and STG will be demonstrating their new innovative Helmet Awareness System,that provides motorcycle officers with a greater level of safety and visibility.

The IACP 2016 Annual Conference and Exposition celebrates its 123 year as the largest and most important law enforcement event of the year. Thousands of dedicated professionals from federal, state, county and local agencies will be able to see Super Seer and STG’s innovative Helmet Awareness System, that provides motorcycle officers with visibility that has never been seen before.

With an increasing number of trucks and SUVs on the road today, lights on a motorcycle are often hidden from other drivers by these high profile vehicles resulting in devastating rear end collisions with motorcycles.

The Helmet Awareness System provides motorcycle officers with anadded level of protection with thehigh visibility LED lights on the rear of the new Super Seer helmet.

Steve Smith president of Super Seer said, “We are excited about this year’s IACP event, it will give law enforcement a hands-onlook at the Helmet Awareness System, designed with officer safety in mind. The ultra bright LED lights are in the direct line of sight of other drivers and will quickly draw attention to the motorcycle officer. Increasing safety and helping to prevent accidents due to distracted drivers.”

This advanced technology is only available in Super Seer motorcycle helmets. The LED lights are molded into the helmet for a clean and professional look. The auxiliary brake light in the back of the helmet will increase officer safety whether the officer is taking an enforcement action or not.

K. T. Taylor, president of Strategic Technologies Group had this to say: “The primary goal of the STG helmet lighting system is to increase officer visibility, enhance safety, and save lives!”

The STG Helmet Awareness System serves as a powerful auxiliary brake light that is automatically activated when brakes are applied, rapidly flashing red lights, which then turn to solid red. The initial flash serves to gain the attention of drivers behind and adjacent, alerting them that the motorcycle is slowing down.

In emergency mode, the helmet’s LED’s are automatically engaged when the officer activates the motorcycle’s emergency lights. The lights oscillate blue and red, alerting drivers to the officer’s presence and emergency status. The Helmet Awareness System is connected via Bluetooth technology to the motorcycle. The base component, or sending unit, can be installed on any motorcycle. Additionally, the Bluetooth technology allows the officer to change to a different motorcycle, and immediately pair with that motorcycle, and continue to enjoy the safety benefits of the Helmet Awareness system.

Steve Smith finished by saying; “The failure of motorists to detect and recognize motorcycles in traffic is the most common cause of motorcycle collisionsand we believe strongly that our new helmet will save lives.”

For more information please visit or contact them at:
Super Seer Corporation
PO Box 700 Evergreen, CO 80437
(800) 645-1285

Or visit Booth #4642I.A.C.P. San Diego, CA Oct. 16-18, 2016