Testimonial: Thanks to Go Rhino! For Saving My Life

I want to thank your company and engineers for saving my life. The GoRhino push bar was installed on my police cruiser and with stood a deer strike at 85 miles per hour while I was in route to a K9 call. I was on the interstate and approximately eight deer came over the guardrail and canvassed the highway. I had no chance but to square up on one of them and hit it with my GoRhino push bar.

The GoRhino push bar withstood the impact and kept the deer from smashing through my windshield and possibly killing me. If I did not have the GoRhino push bar installed the damage would have been substantial and the deer would not have been taken apart by the front bumper like the GoRhino push bar did to it. I am enclosing some pictures and recommend all Police Department's to install the GoRhino because it saved my life and will never drive a police car without one. Please don't hesitate to call me or use my pictures or even share this with your customers.

Thank You,

Lieutenant Mark Kent
Worcester County Sheriff's Office
5 Paul X. Tivnan Drive
West Boylston, Ma 01583

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