Estes AWS Anniversary – 5 Years of Protecting both Law Enforcement & Communities

As of this month Estes AWS is celebrating 5 years of business!

  • 5 years of providing you with accessible and rapidly responsive automotive weapon lockers
  • 5 years of helping to better protect both law enforcement officers and communities
  • 5 years of partnering with upfitters and distributors all across the country
  • 5 years of designing and fabricating the best-in-class weapon lockers
  • 5 years of servicing our customers with high-quality products and innovative designs

As we celebrate this special milestone, we want to briefly look back at our humble beginnings, celebrate the present, and look ahead to the future we have purposed to build.

Where We Started

Estes AWS was founded in August of 2016 when Estes Design and Manufacturing, Inc. purchased Automated Weapon Security (AWS) to form a new company. AWS began manufacturing and selling automated weapon lockers for law enforcement in 2011. However, with the strong manufacturing capabilities and sales and marketing resources of Estes Design and Manufacturing, Estes AWS was able to improve the products available to the law enforcement community and also offer custom design and manufacturing capabilities to make product enhancements and customizations. Estes AWS continued offering Rapid Access Weapon Lockers and began developing and offering other product options, including secure equipment storage solutions and other accessories

Where We Are Now

Today, Estes AWS Rapid Access Weapon Lockers are being sold nationwide, and we currently have 250 distributors that sell our products. We have been fortunate to develop long-lasting relationships with key people and organizations throughout the industry that trust us to deliver quality products to their customers. Over the last 5 years we have worked hard to develop a number of products that meet specific needs of the men and women in law enforcement. We believe in engineering everything we produce to the highest standards and have spent significant amounts of time improving our product lineup over the years. Estes AWS offers over a dozen different individual product options with over a hundred different configuration options in multiple vehicle platforms. We make it a priority to design and develop parts specific to Ford, Dodge, and Chevy vehicle platforms, as well as a variety of non-standard fleet vehicles as well. With a full-service sheet metal shop at our disposal and the latest in CAD technology, we are always striving for new, innovative solutions to meet our customers’ needs.

Where We’re Headed

We’ve been in business for FIVE years now, and while that may seem like a long time, we believe we’ve barely scratched the surface of all we can achieve in this industry. Estes AWS intends to continue growing its business by developing new products and markets for its Rapid Access Weapon Lockers. Engineering resources are being allocated to develop new product enhancements and new designs of products for the law enforcement community and other private and municipal customer segments.

The past year and a half has no doubt shown all of us that the world is ever-changing and that these changes can have a serious and often negative impact on upfitters, distributors, and manufacturers alike. With vehicle shortages, equipment not being available, and personnel ever dwindling, we at Estes AWS realize it is of the utmost importance to make things happen for our customers as quickly as possible. Our ability to rapidly prototype new products and customize our existing products to work with other equipment in vehicles is very attractive to people who need things to happen fast. Estes AWS doesn’t just want to be another storage solution manufacturer – we want to be your strategic partner for years to come, help you achieve your goals, and watch your ideas come to life. With all the tools at our disposal to accomplish just that, we are very excited for all the opportunities that lie ahead of us as we seek to continue offering innovative storage solutions.


As we celebrate our 5th anniversary, we would be remiss if we did not take the time to thank you for your support in helping us achieve this milestone. We look back with appreciation for your loyalty. As we look ahead to the next five years, Estes AWS stands ready and equipped to provide you with only the best solutions, and we look forward to moving into the next five years together – protecting both law enforcement and communities.


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