Estes AWS breaks down 5 benefits of secure cargo-based weapon storage

INDIANAPOLIS — From gun racks, to lockers, to bags, and other storage solutions, there are a plethora of in-vehicle storage options available to law enforcement officers. Every officer has different preferences when it comes to vehicle organization, however cargo-based storage options present many benefits when compared to other available options. Below we discuss five key benefits of cargo-based weapon storage solutions and how they can streamline the work life of a police officer.

Keeps Weapons in Good Working Condition

Quality firearms and other gear issued to police offices are not inexpensive and can represent some of the largest expenditures for many departments. If not properly secured, weapons can slide around in a vehicle, get bumped or knocked, or even potentially misfire, and weapons in poor condition are incredibly dangerous. The right type of gun storage can help protect these high-dollar items and extend their functional life. AWS Rapid Access Weapon Lockers not only safely secure weapons to keep them from falling into the wrong hands but also protect weapons from daily wear and tear. Each locker has a felt-lined interior and Velcro straps that protect weapons from sliding around while inside the locker. Additional foam padding can be added to the locker for another layer of protection. Proper maintenance of weapons is of paramount importance, and having the right weapon storage plays a vital role in this.

Moves Weapons Out of Sight

Many gun storage solutions for police vehicles result in guns being left in plain sight where anyone can easily look through the window of the vehicle and see weapons sitting in the passenger compartment. These types of storage solutions encourage criminals since the weapons are a high-reward target. AWS Weapon Lockers are installed in the rear of vehicles, strategically installed to keep weapons out of sight and out of mind for criminals. Even with the trunk or back hatch open, weapons are still safely hidden and secure.

Provides Quick and Easy Access to Weapons and Gear

In a career where every second matters, quick access to weapons can mean the difference between life and death for a law enforcement officer. However, many in-vehicle weapon storage options available to police officers are either located or installed in such a way that makes quick and easy weapon retrieval a challenge, forcing them to wrestle with grabbing their weapon from a console or rifle rack and wasting valuable time. Even most rear cargo area products on the market require the use of a manual key or entry of a combination to access weapons and other tactical gear. In a critical situation, these few seconds could make all the difference. Estes AWS Rapid Access Weapon Lockers feature rapid-access opening technology to protect the lives of law enforcement officers. Our Weapon Lockers open electronically, with a push of a button on a wireless remote and there are no combinations to remember. It features the lowest time to deployment of any trunk or rear cargo area product in the industry and immediately presents officers’ weapons to them by the time they arrive to the rear of their vehicle.

Organizes Firearms and other Gear

In law enforcement, your squad car is your office, and organization is key in a career where every second matters. Having gear or other items crammed into your dashboard, shuffling around on the floor, on your seats, or anywhere in between doesn’t allow you to quickly and easily find gear or weapons when the need arises. In addition to this, digging around in your vehicle to find the right paperwork or a flashlight can add unnecessary stress to an already stressful job. A dedicated storage solution for gear and weapons allows you to efficiently access the weapons you need to address the emergency at hand, and a rear cargo area storage solution allows you to keep both equipment and weapons close together. Having equipment well organized and consistently placed allows police officers to focus on the important tasks. Estes AWS offers Storage Boxes and Accessories that can take the storage potential of your vehicle to a whole new level. The AWS SUV Storage Box offers plenty of storage space for tactical gear and other small equipment, while leaving additional space in the trunk for bulkier items. To make the most efficient use of space, the AWS Large SUV Storage Box uses the entire footprint of your rear vehicle and eliminates space behind the box, so items don’t get stuck or lost. Both Storage Boxes include adjustable dividers, making a customizable interior configuration possible to best fit your storage needs. Add a Fence Package to either of these storage solutions for additional open-access storage space on top of the box.

Helps Prevent Theft of Weapons and Gear

Mostly importantly, secure weapon storage helps prevent weapon theft and prevents police issued weapons from falling into the wrong hands. Safe weapon storage is fundamental to law enforcement, and many events over the course of the last year have demonstrated to an even greater degree the need for secure in-vehicle weapon storage. If a weapon is successfully stolen, consequences can be severe for both officers and the community. AWS Weapon Lockers are engineered with security in mind, and they are manufactured from steel so they deliver top-notch durability in the event thieves do find them. While a thief with plenty of time and the right tools can eventually break into anything, our locker is designed to thwart “smash and grab” criminals who are looking for a quick score. Estes AWS Rapid Access Weapon Lockers provide a solution for preventing law enforcement weapon theft.

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Estes AWS formed as a result of the acquisition of Automated Weapon Security by Estes Design and Manufacturing, Inc. Estes AWS helps to protect law enforcement and communities by providing Rapid Access Weapon Lockers that are secure, accessible and rapidly responsive. Estes AWS has weapon lockers available for sedans, SUVs and pickup trucks.

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