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What one company learned about video redaction after analyzing 10,000 hours of BWC footage

Find out more about audio and video redaction best practices, as well as the value of procuring a video redaction service provider

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Redaction work requires daily staff time.

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When it comes to releasing body-worn camera (BWC) footage, the topic of privacy has been discussed by journalists and the media at great length. However, what is not well understood are the tools, skills, knowledge and effort that go into the successful release of BWC footage.

In many states, once a video is captured and stored, it is subject to public records requests. But before a BWC video can be released, it must be in compliance with all state statutes and court orders governing the privacy of individuals depicted in the video.

This means that each video must be carefully reviewed by departmental staff and may require the use of redaction software, which can be complex and cumbersome. This redaction work adds significant costs to the overall BWC program and requires staff time to operate on a daily basis.

Although BWCs have proven to be a valuable tool when it comes to transparency, the speed of deployment in smaller agencies can be hampered by financial restrictions.

Additionally, the hidden costs associated with video redaction can be overlooked, hindering the overall goal of transparency when BWC footage fails to get released.

In this article, Focal Forensics, a full service redaction provider, presents:

  • Data and video redaction lessons after evaluating over 10,000 hours of BWC footage.
  • Audio and video redaction best practices.
  • A deep dive deep into the value of procuring a video redaction service provider.
  • The capabilities, staffing and skills required to release critical incident footage.
  • What can be done to meet narrow deadlines as the volume of BWC footage requests continues to grow.

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