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Focal Forensics video redaction services screening completed by the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension

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MINNEAPOLIS - In an important step forward, Focal Forensics, a leading provider of video redaction services, is proud to be the first video redaction company to have completed the BCA’s vendor screening program. Focal Forensics has demonstrated that its product is capable of meeting FBI CJIS Security Policy and BCA CJDN Security Policy requirements.

The successful screening process of Focal Forensics technical infrastructure, by the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, is a significant achievement for the company and creates an even more frictionless environment for establishing relationships with law enforcement in Minnesota and across the U.S.

The BCA is responsible for coordinating and conducting criminal investigations, forensic analysis, and providing technical assistance to law enforcement agencies across the state of Minnesota. The successful screening of Focal Forensics Redaction Services by the BCA is groundbreaking for the company and a recognition of its expertise in the field of video redaction.

Focal Forensics offers a range of redaction services to law enforcement agencies, including the redaction of confidential and sensitive information from digital evidence, such as videos, images, and audio recordings. The company’s state-of-the-art redaction process and experienced team of professionals ensure that all redaction work is carried out accurately and efficiently.

Steve Bufalino, Co-Founder of Focal Forensics, expressed his excitement about the BCA’s successful screening of their redaction services for law enforcement agencies. “We are pleased to have successfully completed this process, as our team has dedicated significant effort in developing a cutting-edge security and redaction process. It is essential to have outside organizations evaluate the technical infrastructure of our services.”

Bufalino added that the successful screening by the BCA is an important milestone for the company and a testament to its commitment to delivering the best possible service to its clients. “We look forward to working with law enforcement agencies across the country and helping them to manage their video redaction requests effectively,” he said.

Focal Forensics is a leading provider of video redaction services and has been working with law enforcement agencies nationwide for many years. With the successful screening completed by the BCA, the company is now working with the Sherburne County Sheriff’s office in MN and is well-positioned to continue to provide its high-quality services to law enforcement agencies across the country.