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Police1 Gun Control Survey

In reviewing the survey data, it seems that America’s law enforcers put little faith in the effectiveness of proposed gun-control legislation
A minority of those responding to the survey believe that legislative restrictions on “assault weapons” and magazines would have any effect on the problem of gun violence
When it comes to reducing gun violence in America, nobody else in the country has anything close to the experience-based perspective from which cops can speak
Never before has such a comprehensive survey of law enforcement officers’ opinions on gun control, gun violence, and gun rights been conducted
In a tactical decision, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., concluded that including the prohibition in the gun bill would jeopardize the chances for passage of any firearms legislation at all
Says he ‘won’t bother enforcing’ two new measures, and that it would be impossible for officers to keep track of whether requirements being met
A lot of sheriffs are now standing up and saying, ‘Follow the Constitution’, but their actual powers to defy federal law are limited
Two Ore. sheriffs since Monday have said these gun laws may harm law-abiding citizens