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Gun Legislation & Law Enforcement

In the Gun Legislation & Law Enforcement section you’ll find news reports and expert articles about the bills proposed regarding gun laws and the most up-to date news on the legislation affecting gun owners and law enforcement.

Why technology is the key to avoiding the next 9/11 and MCI preparedness
Make sure you know the rules before crossing state lines with your firearm
Protecting our communities from threats takes intense effort, rational behavior and logical thinking
Judge Ellen Ceisler wrote that Philadelphia’s ordinance does not regulate “firearms,” but rather“ merely prohibits the conversion of unfinished frames or receivers into firearms
Baltimore city leaders sued ghost gun kit manufacturer Polymer80 after seeing a rise of the untraceable weapons on city streets and in the hands of minors
The state law requiring the background check is intended to help police find people who own guns illegally; a federal judge has ruled it violated Second Amendment rights
The proposals include requiring background checks for advertised private gun sales, harshening penalties for reckless sales and creating a violence prevention resource network
Advancements in firearms technology, including lightweight materials and improved durability, are driving market expansion
“I’ve deemed it from my understanding of case law as unlawful or valid on its face,” Jefferson County Sheriff Jeff Bullard stated. “My office will not be taking any action on this”
The judge said that the law could not be implemented under the Constitution of the state of Oregon