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Chicago cop leads effort to renovate struggling veteran’s newsstand

Air Force veteran Anthony Johnson has been selling newspapers from a beat up stand, so Lt. John Garrido decided to assist him

By Police1 Staff

CHICAGO — After a Chicago police officer went on Facebook Live asking volunteers to help an Air Force veteran renovate his newsstand, the community answered the call and spent weeks transforming the stand.

WGN-TV reports that Chicago Police Lt. John Garrido first met veteran Anthony Johnson about a year ago. Johnson has been selling newspapers out of a beaten up newsstand at a local corner for the past seven years. After getting to know the veteran, Garrido decided to lend him a hand and provide him with a better place to sell his newspapers.

Johnson said he makes about $120 a week from selling newspapers and often has to sleep indoors. So, Garrido also decided to set up a GoFundMe account for the veteran to raise money for living expenses.

After several weeks of work from volunteers, the veteran’s new and improved newsstand will be unveiled on Thursday night.

Garrido is no stranger to helping others. He and his wife also run the Garrido Stray Rescue Foundation, which supports “no kill” community coalitions helping cats and dogs find homes. His efforts have helped countless stray pets.