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Planning for your next career: How to create a resume that works

An effective resume will translate your law enforcement skills into terms the civilian world understands


You are about to retire from law enforcement and are planning your next career. Having a resume that translates your law enforcement skills into the civilian world could make the difference between whether or not you get the job.

In this episode of LEO Round Table, host Chip DeBlock asks his guests to share tips on how to prepare a resume for your working life after law enforcement.

LEO Round Table is a law enforcement talk show discussing news, events and issues from a LEO perspective. The creation of retired detective Chip DeBlock, LEO Round Table features professionals who talk about law enforcement issues that are in the national news. In addition, LEO Round Table produces videos of simulated officer-involved shootings from different camera angles in order to educate the public and deter the rush to judgment. The LEO Perspectives column features content exclusively recorded by LEO Round Table for Police1. Subscribe to the LEO Round Table YouTube channel.

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