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Watch: Suspect escapes back of cruiser while handcuffed

While the officer was driving, the suspect began kicking the cruiser’s window; the officer pulled over and that’s when the suspect busted the window


CBS Chicago

By Sarah Roebuck

CHICAGO — Video from inside a police cruiser shows a suspect who broke free from custody while handcuffed in the back seat, CBS Chicago reports.

The man, identified as Devin Revels, was arrested for stealing catalytic converters in September 2022. Video from inside the cruiser, which was just made public on Tuesday, shows Revels handcuffed with his hands behind his back. He then moves his hands down toward his feet and eventually gets his hands in front of him.

Revels then starts to hit the cruiser’s window while the officer is driving the cruiser. Although the officer told Revels to stop, the hitting intensifies and he begins to kick the window.

Citing an arrest report, CBS Chicago reports the officer pulled over on the shoulder of a highway because he was concerned the suspect “might open the door or break the window while I was driving and possibly seriously injure himself.”

Once the cruiser is stopped, Revels continues to kick the window, which eventually breaks.

Revels fled into a wooded area near a golf course. He wasn’t arrested until four months later in January when he was found inside a business.

Revels is set to appear in court this month. Besides the charges related to the catalytic converter, he also faces charges of evading a peace officer and causing criminal damage to government property.

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