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The Corrections topic covers the duties performed by sheriff’s departments and other police agencies that straddle the line between patrolling the streets and guarding inmates in correctional facilities, county lock-ups, prisons, jails, and courthouses.

The Williamson County Sheriff’s Office in Texas has overcome the recruiting crisis by expediting the hiring process, implementing competitive pay, offering innovative training and updating existing wellness programs
Ehea Schuerch says training for The Tactical Games takes discipline and a tough mindset – and has helped her become a better corrections officer
List ranks occupations by level of stress, driving home the importance of hiring responders who can remain calm during high-stress situations
Tyler’s solutions to improve efficiency and experience for Naperville’s public safety staff and transparency with the community
SWAT officers, using “less-than-lethal” ammunition, were able to free the 73-year-old guard two hours after he was taken hostage
The CO was shot twice in the leg and the would-be carjacker was shot in the back and leg
The motive behind the abduction remains under investigation but Corrections Director Jennifer Clemons-Abdullah said one inmate demanded pizza
Sheriff Robert Luna’s request, which was opposed by the ACLU, includes plans to purchase a jail management system and new TASERs for deputies on patrol
Jail video shows Anthony Mitchell was kept naked in a concrete-floored isolation cell, according to the lawsuit
Officials: Revision “would do nothing to redirect other agency arrestees, failing to ensure officers take arrestees to a facility that aligns with their gender identity”
Officers sent a robot into a crawlspace and found signs the suspect was burrowed deep underneath a house
Deputy Robert Rensch had originally trained the inmate on how to use the Heimlich maneuver to assist someone when choking
Police were initially called after the woman was sleeping outside a building and refusing requests to leave the property
Deputy Daniel Kin had worked with the Wyandot County Sheriff’s Office for just over a year
Randy Halprin was part of a gang of prisoners who fatally shot a police officer in 2000 after they escaped from prison
After striking the deputy in the head and face with the phone, the inmate then tried to strangle the deputy with the phone cord
Corrections officers, our protectors, need your interest, research and compassion just as much as the infamous predators and anonymous inmates they protect us from
Porfirio Duarte-Herrera was convicted in 2010 of killing a hot dog stand vendor using a motion-activated bomb atop a car parked at the Luxor casino
Lawsuit contends conditions in the jail demonstrate a willful, wanton disregard for the safety of officers, inmates and the public
State employee unions have been making cases for bonuses since early in the pandemic
The court highlights the differences in a policy violation vs. a constitutional violation in a case involving a jail suicide
Several officers are seen subduing Casey White and handcuffing him beside the car wrecked by Vicky White after she drove the vehicle into a ditch
Vicky White previously left the jail with Casey White in what investigators believe was a dry run for the escape
The Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office did not elaborate on the nature of their relationship
Sheriff Rick Singleton said he is exploring the possibility of a romantic relationship between the inmate-officer pair that went missing last week
“Nobody saw this coming,” Sheriff Rick Singleton said at a Monday morning press conference
Sgt. Joshua Caudell’s K-9 team was helping deputies search for the suspect when he was shot