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The Corrections topic covers the duties performed by sheriff’s departments and other police agencies that straddle the line between patrolling the streets and guarding inmates in correctional facilities, county lock-ups, prisons, jails, and courthouses.

When there’s only one person in back, departments can make good use of the extra space
In an ideal future, every officer would be equipped with the tools to not just enforce the law but also protect life in its most vulnerable moments
The Williamson County Sheriff’s Office in Texas has overcome the recruiting crisis by expediting the hiring process, implementing competitive pay, offering innovative training and updating existing wellness programs
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Fully autonomous, AI-driven robots have become essential tools for enhancing safety and operational efficiency in law enforcement, marking a significant evolution in police capabilities
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The cards, which will be given to inmates statewide, will feature the faces of crime victims and information on how to report anonymous tips to Florida Crime Stoppers
The escaped inmate fled when Lady Lake police officers arrived at the woman’s house; he ran a short distance before turning around and giving himself up
Stephanie Lazarus, a 25-year veteran detective, was arrested in 2009 for a 1986 murder after DNA from a bite mark on the victim linked Lazarus to the victim’s death
Bystander video captures the moment the suspect exchanged gunfire with Paris Police Department officers before climbing into a patrol car and driving away
Daniel Jenkins, along with two other men, plotted to kill the detective after he testified against Jenkins in a robbery case in 1985
Exploring how technology and personalized coaching methods can revamp corrections systems, reduce recidivism, and improve safety for correctional officers and inmates alike
The state sentences were shorter than the mens’ federal sentences of 10 to 40 years, but exceeded the state’s recommended maximum; they will be served concurrently with the federal sentences
K-9 Rivan, who was assigned to the Sussex I State Prison, “lost his life while potentially saving the lives of two people, his assigned officer and an inmate,” VADOC said
The primary responsibility of K-9 Pasky, named after Officer Anthony “Pasky” Pasquarello, is “to provide comfort, care, and support to our dedicated staff,” said Essex County Sheriff Kevin Coppinger
The two wanted men were captured following a brief pursuit; Idaho State Police said they are now investigating whether the pair had killed two people while on the run
Juvenile Offenders
The inmates, ages 14 and 15, fled after they took a Jenkins County deputy’s 45-automatic handgun and knocked him unconscious with it
An accomplice is suspected of shooting two COs in an ambulance bay to help the inmate escape; a third CO was wounded by a responding officer who mistook the CO for the shooter
Weld County Sheriff Steve Reams announced that patrol deputies will be temporarily reassigned to jail shifts; employees will be relocated back to their desired assignments “as soon as possible”
The Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office correctional sergeant held the suspect at gunpoint while employees helped her cuff the suspect
Deputy R.J. Leonard drove into the Tennessee River with Tabitha Smith in the back seat, causing both to drown; Smith’s family alleges Leonard was not properly trained in suspect transport and was not familiar with his patrol area
Investigators are still trying to determine how the suspect obtained pepper spray; the deputy was in possession of her department-issued pepper spray, stun gun and service weapon after the escape
Neighboring cities have been sending officers and firefighters since the Feb. 18 shooting; correctional officers, medics and dispatchers will join them to allow Burnsville first responders to attend the Feb. 28 funeral
The inmate was being transported back to the correctional center when he created a disturbance in the back of a cruiser; when the deputy checked on him, he pepper sprayed the deputy
Bills introduced in the House and Senate would expand police officers’ immunity from civil liability and roll back prison system reforms enacted under previous Gov. John Bel Edwards’s administration
Oscar Diaz was one of five officers fired after Randy Cox was paralyzed while being transported to a police station
Less than a half-hour after escaping custody, the suspect flagged down a passer-by to call the police so he could turn himself in