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Uniform Stories features a variety of contributors. These sources are experts and educators within their profession. Uniform Stories covers an array of subjects like field stories, entertaining anecdotes, and expert opinions.

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Can you walk the walk and talk the talk?
You have to hear these
The job of a dispatcher is hard enough, but when you have roads in town with names like these, it can be an absolute nightmare
“These ain’t my pants!”
There are truly some wacky laws out there
The sovereign citizen movement has become the bane of many police officers in the U.S.
From committing burglary at the station to scaling unlocked gates, these rookie mistakes will bring you back to your glory days
Occasionally, you’ll come across some gems like these in the paper
If you’re a cop, you’ll be nodding your head. If you’re not, you’ll be shaking it in dismay to know people call us for this kind of stuff