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15 things my husband bought after graduating from the police academy

Rookie police officers can upgrade their equipment and maintain their gear with these Amazon finds


By Joanna Putman

Graduating from the police academy is a significant milestone, and it marks the beginning of a challenging yet rewarding career in law enforcement. As the wife of a newly graduated officer, I watched as my husband prepared to transition from the classroom to the streets, a process that, for him, involved much more than just mental preparation. He needed to equip himself with various tools and gear to perform his duties effectively and ensure his safety.

From practical on-duty essentials to items that helped him stay organized and ready for any situation, here are the top 15 things my husband invested in after his police academy graduation. These are the items he found invaluable as he embarked on his new journey as a police officer, and they might just be what you or your LEO loved one needs too.

‘Better than standard issue’: Upgrades you might want to make to your issued equipment

While your department likely issues some of these essential equipment items, if you are looking for your own replacements or just want an upgrade, these options might give you a leg up!

Read them their style. Metal Miranda cards can help you communicate with detainees in another language. You can count on them to last.
These 5.11 Pants will serve you well on range training days and specialty assignments
All those bells and whistles that officers pin to their uniforms, particularly dress uniforms, come with backings that are a pain to put on. And if you lose one, you’re out of luck. Enter, these easy backing replacements!
Keep your heavy duty belt secured and in place with these small, leather straps
If you’re looking for an upgrade from the pens at the station, these write dark and smooth. Plus, they’re refillable
You can never have too big a stash when it comes to writing tickets or reports

Equipment and uniform maintenance

You’ve been issued gear from your department. Now is the time to take steps to ensure it stays presentable and remains in tip-top shape.

This spray keeps sweat odor from your bullet-resistant vest to a minimum, especially if you wear one inside your uniform
Keep your duty boots or dress shoes pristine with this Kiwi boot polish, best applied with their horsehair brush.
Duty boot smell can go downhill fast. This spray can minimize odors, preventing the smell from permeating your home or cruiser

Personal health and entertainment

Protect yourself and stride through every shift with these personal items.

Protect your eyes from the sun, the glare of headlights at night and even from potential injury
If your cruiser doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity, this adapter is a great option that will allow you to play music from your phone
This duty belt attachment is designed to relieve lower back pain by distributing the belt’s weight more evenly

For at home

Here are some recommendations for sentimental officers (like my husband) to keep track of all of those collector’s items.

Keep your pins, keys and badge together with this decorative home organizer
Show off your Academy Class ring with this display case
If you’re a law enforcement uniform patch collector, decorate your home with this board to display your finds