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Police Academy

Emphasizing health and well-being, the academy utilizes advanced technologies like InBody and Omega Wave to monitor and enhance recruit fitness
The manner in which we’ve historically taught police officers doesn’t align with how officers are expected to police their communities today
Conventional approaches don’t fully meet the needs of law enforcement trainees
AUFIRE’s approach uses 66 volts of electrical muscle stimulation conducted through sleeves to contract arm muscles and simulate the incapacitation effects of gunshot wounds to limbs
Austin Ross, 26, is expected to be named an honorary deputy by the Flagler County Sheriff after his heart stopped at a hospital
Madalyn Jarreau was 5 years old when she went to a fallen officer’s funeral procession; she graduated from the academy 18 years later
Mayor Eric Adams stated there won’t be a hiring freeze of NYPD officers, allowing the department to start a new academy class in April that would have been canceled
Police Recruitment
“Cadets” will document an academy class’s six-month training journey; it will be released on Jan. 17
“Her quick and calm response under pressure saved recruit (Solomon) Kessio’s life,” said Dayton Police Chief Kamran Afzal
The recruits performed lifesaving procedures, alerted academy staff, called 911, notified the recruit’s family and helped to provide a police escort to the hospital
“The new academy will support the highest level of instruction for cadets, troopers, and our law enforcement partners,” State Police Commissioner Col. Christopher Paris said