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Colonel Jim Smith, MSS, NRP, FABCHS, CPC, CLEE

Colonel Jim Smith, MSS, NRP, FABCHS, CPC, CLEE, is the public safety director for the Cottonwood Police Department in Cottonwood, Alabama. He has more than 45 years of experience in public safety and has worked for a large metropolitan agency as captain and executive assistant to the police chief to public safety director for a small rural agency.

He has written several textbooks including “Tactical Medicine Essentials” (coauthor, endorsed by the American College of Emergency Physicians),"Crisis Management for Law Enforcement,” both in their second edition. He also produced the fourth edition of “Brodie’s Bombs and Bombings.”

He is an APOSTC-certified law enforcement executive and certified police chief and graduate of the University of Southern California with a master’s degree in safety. A prolific writer, he has published dozens of peer-reviewed articles in an assortment of journals. He teaches for Troy University as an adjunct instructor and for the University of Phoenix online as an instructor. Smith continues to teach emergency medical technology and tactical medicine through several institutions.

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