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Disruption, prevention and response

“It’s critically important that as many perspectives as possible come to the table in the assessment of risk or threat as well as assessing potential protective factors.”
How law enforcement and educators can develop effective threat assessment teams to stop school violence
While much attention is given to responding to attacks in progress, increased research provides hope for earlier intervention and prevention of school violence
To improve school safety against active shooters, we must work on prevention, disruption and response through a multitude of options
The focus of a new Secret Service report is how to improve the willingness of students and others to report concerning behavior
How law enforcement and educators can collaborate on improving school safety
“Through high-quality, repetitive training, we will become a safer country.”
“Prevention has to start before the gunman arrives. We need to pay a lot more attention to those people before they come to school with a gun.”
The ability to mitigate intel and communication dysfunction requires many more training reps than what is currently budgeted for
Addressing new commonalities and trends in mass shooting incidents