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Rural Law Enforcement

In the Rural Law Enforcement section you’ll find news reports and expert articles about what it means to be a police officer in rural America.

Small-town police departments turn to grant funds to address the challenges of limited resources, personnel shortages and technology gaps
National Park Service officers play a crucial role in protecting the park’s unique ecosystem and ensuring the safety of its visitors
This diverse mix will provide hours of listening, watching and reading pleasure
The money is intended to go toward salaries for sheriffs and deputies, as well as boost recruitment and retention efforts
This new program helps people in small places who have a big idea shape that concept into something concrete – and they want more cops and corrections on board
Inspired by a simple care package for a deployed Marine, Aaron Negherbon has created a lifeline for under-resourced police departments
“It’s time for me to hang it up, so I won’t run again,” said Sheriff Cullen Talton, who was first elected in 1972
How to integrate existing technology, hire and train personnel, overcome budget challenges and educate the community
Dr. David P. Weber, who blew the whistle on misconduct in the Bernie Madoff and R. Allen Stanford cases, is using a $2.6M grant to oversee interns investigating fraudsters preying on the elderly
The sedan had a large hole in the roof, allowing a bull named “Howdy Doody” to emerge from the top