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Paul Conor, Ph.D.

Active Supervision

Coach Paul Conor, Ph.D., is an organizational psychologist and management consultant who has been working with law enforcement leaders for more than 20 years. He is a former US Marine infantry officer, who led Marines in combat during Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Coach Paul is an award-winning author, California state-certified Team Building Workshop facilitator and former university professor. He is also a reserve lieutenant with the Orange County (California) Sheriff’s Department.

A message from a homeless man shows a police chief how to move forward from despair to purpose and prioritize his employees’ wellness
Follow these steps to easily apply the 10 skills of active supervision
When you use the active supervision skill of scheduling, you take all the decisions you made regarding time management and add it to your calendaring system
To be an effective supervisor, you will need to become an expert at managing your time
The active supervision skill of inspiration helps you give your followers purpose and provide them with motivation to persevere under challenging circumstances
The active supervision skill of innovation involves using critical thinking and problem solving to come up with ways of doing things better
The active supervision skill of problem-solving involves a series of steps that forces you to go beyond the first solution that comes to mind
The active supervision skill of training involves seeking out training for yourself and teaching your followers everything that you expect them to do
Supervisory courage is the skill of dealing with situations and people that most human beings would consider to be challenging
Effective communication occurs when your intended audience members receive the same message that you sent them