Active supervision challenge: Problem-solving

The active supervision skill of problem-solving involves a series of steps that forces you to go beyond the first solution that comes to mind

Hello there, Coach Paul here. This month we are reviewing the active supervision skill of problem-solving. For those who have been following the checklist since January, you’ve more than likely realized by now that I inadvertently skipped problem-solving, which I was supposed to cover in April. I apologize for that mistake. We are back on track now.

If you are just discovering this series this month, I invite you to read through the previous articles of the active supervision challenge, which I introduced in January on Police1. I define active supervision as the continual and consistent enforcement of the rules of your organization. In this series, I describe the 10 skills of active supervision. Thus far I have covered performance management, critical thinking, communication, courage and training.

This month I’ll describe the challenge of problem-solving, list the steps for effectively solving problems, describe ways for you to improve your problem-solving skills and wrap up with a few tips and techniques for supervisors working in special circumstances.

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