Active supervision challenge: Innovation

The active supervision skill of innovation involves using critical thinking and problem solving to come up with ways of doing things better

Hello everyone, Coach Paul here. If this series is new for you, know that in January, I introduced the active supervision challenge on Police1. In this series, I describe the 10 skills of active supervision, which I define as the continual and consistent enforcement of the rules of your organization. In the previous months, I have discussed performance management, critical thinking, communication, courage, training and problem-solving.

This month we will review the active supervision skill of innovation. Because innovation involves aspects of both critical thinking and problem solving, two skills that we have discussed previously, I encourage you to review those skills before continuing.

In this article, I will define innovation, describe the two innovation skills that active supervisors need to develop, list ways that you can foster innovation among your followers, and conclude with tips and techniques for supervisors working in special circumstances.

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