Active supervision challenge: Courage

Supervisory courage is the skill of dealing with situations and people that most human beings would consider to be challenging

Hello everybody, Coach Paul here. Congratulations on making it to the fifth month of our active supervision challenge. Current events in law enforcement are demonstrating the critical need for front-line leaders to develop and use their active supervision skills.

For those of you new to this series, which debuted on Police1 in January, I am in the process of describing the 10 skills of active supervision. I define active supervision as the continual and consistent enforcement of the rules of your organization.

In the previous three months, we have reviewed performance managementcritical thinking and communication. This month, we are looking at the skill of courage. I’ll define courage, discuss the two most common situations when active supervisors need to use courage, describe the steps in developing your supervisory courage, and wrap up with a few tips and techniques that will help you improve this skill.

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