Trending Topics: When cops go airborne to save a life

By Police1 Staff

The utility of police helicopters cannot be understated – particularity when it comes to aiding officers in life-saving efforts. A gunshot from a police helicopter that ended a dangerous wrong-way pursuit inspired us to compile five videos that illustrate how important having the option to go airborne can be for cops. Take a look and add your thoughts in the comments section. 

Calif. cop shoots suspect from helicopter, ends wrong-way pursuit

It was the wrong-way driving and the safety of other drives that prompted the deputy to shoot.


Texas cop trapped in floodwaters rescued by copter

After attempts to rescue the officer via hovercraft and firetruck failed, a police helicopter was called in.


NYPD use helicopter to rescue rooftop victims from hurricane

Six were rescued after being trapped on roofs from rising waters.

Sheriff's helicopter rescue saves Calif. hikers

Deputies said a young woman and two men were trapped near a waterfall.

NYPD helicopter saves stranded fisherman, son

The video shows officers hovering over the stranded man before lifting him to safety.



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