Verbal tactic that calms adrenalin frenzies

It’s a simple exclamation, yelled as loud as you can: “ONE VOICE!” But it can have an immediate positive effect at a chaotic scene, according to trainer Gary Klugiewicz, an expert in verbal tactics and a consultant to PoliceOne and Corrections1.

Klugiewicz described this gambit at the annual ILEETA training conference.

“We’ve all seen enforcement situations where multiple officers get caught up in a ‘cluster’ state where they’re working inefficiently or even against each other instead of employing team tactics. No one is really in charge and the suspect is not being controlled,” he says.

“You arrive and see what’s wrong and what needs to be done. If you shout out ‘ONE VOICE!,’ you focus everyone’s attention on you and create a momentary pause in the action. Then you can issue instructions necessary for getting the job done.” 

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