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NC deputies recover stolen truck, 18,000 pounds of toilet paper

Officials say deputies helped the in-demand cargo arrive at its intended destination, where the products have been in high demand during the pandemic


Deputies recovered a trailer with 18,000 pounds of stolen precious cargo: Toilet paper.


News and Record

WHITSETT, N.C. — It was a heist of pandemic proportions: a truck filled with box upon box of toilet paper.

Deputies pulled over the stolen truck Wednesday and found it was hauling about 18,000 pounds of commercial, bathroom paper products, the Guilford County Sheriff’s Office said in a news release. Deputies followed the truck to a warehouse just off Interstate 40 in Whitsett and discovered the cargo, which is in demand amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Capt. Daryl Loftis told the Associated Press the cargo included a mixture of paper towels, toilet paper and other commercial products.

Loftis told AP the cargo was part of a shipment that was otherwise lawful — only the trailer was stolen. He described it as “legitimate cargo going to a legitimate place.” He said the business that was the final destination is in Greensboro, but he didn’t know its name. He said deputies helped get it to where it was supposed to go.

He said no arrests have been made, but the driver is a suspect in the theft of the trailer, AP reported. He said that they are taking their time to investigate and aren’t releasing the name of the driver because the issue of toilet paper is “fairly sensitive right now.”