Video: Officers watch Seattle ‘superhero’ fight man under city law

Self-proclaimed superhero took action when suspect punched window of car

By Police1 Staff

SEATTLE — Seattle Police Department is defending their officers after a video shows them watching a ‘mutual combat’ between two men without interceding.

Self-proclained ‘superhero’ Phoenix Jones and his crew were on patrol Friday night when they saw a man punch the window of a car, according to MyNorthwest.

Police encouraged Jones to leave the area as the suspect challenged him to a fight, yelling racial slurs at the costumed vigilante. Jones instead agreed to fight the man, according to the article.

"This situation actually isn't much different than a Friday or Saturday night outside nightclubs and you'll have fights erupt" Sgt. Sean Whitcomb told King 5.

Whitcomb said a rarely used city law allows fighting as long as both people agree to it, no bystanders are hurt, and no property is damaged.

Officers inquired whether any medical attention was needed before they left the scene. 

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