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Viral photos: Ark. officer engages in foot pursuit of a chicken

The bird was caught loitering on an apartment’s front porch and attempted to flee when officers arrived at the scene


“Why do chickens cross the road? Apparently, to sit on someone’s porch and not move.”

Jonesboro Police Department

By Joanna Putman

JONESBORO, Ark. — Officer Nathan Swindle responded to a call to remove a trespassing, loitering chicken from a front porch; but the bird did not go willingly, KAIT reported.

“I was trying to shoo it off a little bit and it took off and so I was like, ‘Man, I gotta catch it,’ and so I immediately started running,” Swindle said.

Swindle chased the chicken around the apartment complex while it continued to evade capture and hid under a car, according to the report. Body camera footage shows the officers and residents laughing as the chicken continued to flee.

Swindle eventually captured the chicken after a nearly five-minute pursuit. The officers placed it in the back seat of the patrol car and took it “back where it belonged.”

“My nickname has been ‘Rooster’ since Sunday,” Swindle told KAIT.

The chicken returned to the apartment complex later in the week. Residents told reporters that if they ever need the trespasser removed, they’ll just “call ol’ Rooster.”