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Austin police chief addresses serial killer rumors after bodies found in lake

Chief Joseph Chacon said the deaths at Lady Bird Lake are tragic, but there is no evidence of a serial killer


Fox 7 Austin/YouTube

By Bill Carey

AUSTIN, Texas — Austin Police Chief Joseph Chacon responded to rumors and social media posts about a possible serial killer and bodies found in a lake.

In the last two months, four bodies have been found in Lady Bird Lake near Rainey Street, Fox 7 reported. A Facebook group called “Lady Bird Lake Serial Killer/Rainey St Killer” was created and has over 71,000 followers. Posts in the group expound on theories and claims supporting the idea of a serial killer on the loose.

“I realize that there is a rampant rumor about a potential serial killer here in Austin,” said Chacon. “We’ve found no evidence of that.”

Chacon said the deaths in Lady Bird Lake are nothing out of the ordinary. He said the deaths are tragic, but they happen every year in the city.

“It’s a horrible circumstance that we have these, and we look at each one to determine the circumstances in which they occurred,” he said. “Some of them are accidental, unfortunately, some of them are also suicides.”

The city has increased safety around the trail near Rainey Street with a fence, lighting and an increased law enforcement presence.