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Serial Killer

The legendary homicide inspector discusses the two words that broke the Night Stalker case, the first time Ramirez claims to have killed in San Francisco, and advice for new investigators
In 1994, journalist Nancy Rommelmann accompanied a pen pal of John Wayne Gacy on a road trip to visit the serial killer before his execution
Corrections officers, our protectors, need your interest, research and compassion just as much as the infamous predators and anonymous inmates they protect us from
Anthony “Jack” Sully, who was convicted of murdering six people, died of natural causes at a medical facility outside of the San Quentin Rehabilitation Center
Sheriff Eddie Virden said he and his team will continue determined efforts “to bring closure to these cases and provide answers to the families seeking justice”
Suffolk County Police Commissioner Rodney Harrison gave credit to the task force that was formed last year; saying if not for them, “he would still be out on the streets today”
Chief Joseph Chacon said the deaths at Lady Bird Lake are tragic, but there is no evidence of a serial killer
The serial killer, already convicted of 11 homicides, took a plea deal for one of the five killings, avoiding prosecution for the other four
A man is suspected of killing six men and wounding a woman in a series of shootings over a period of three months in Northern California
Wesley Brownlee was dressed in black, had a mask around his neck, had a gun and “was out hunting,” Stockton Police Chief Stanley McFadden said
Six men have been fatally shot and a woman was wounded since last year
“It definitely meets the definition of a serial killer,” said Stockton Police Officer Joseph Silva
“By definition, you could probably very well call this a serial killer, right,” said Stockton Police Chief Stanley McFadden
For over a decade, Jeffrey Dahmer killed at least 17 people; beware: the trailer is haunting
The true crime documentary tells the story of Sharon Marshall, who was kidnapped by Franklin Delano Floyd at age six
The suspect, who previously killed two women, was arrested March 4 after she was identified as the person who ditched victim Susan Leyden’s headless, limbless torso in a shopping cart
The remains of nearly a dozen people were collected on a Long Island beach beginning in 2011
Officer Debra Sue Corr, who was fatally shot, was credited with preventing more murders
Police had discovered the bodies of four potential victims in December
“We suspect that he has more victims,” said Chief Kevin Davis. “He’s a predator, as all serial killers are”
A small, but distinctive tattoo was captured on security camera footage
Detective Robert Anzilotti’s careful poking and prodding into the mind of the now 74-year-old serial killer resulted in a confession to the murder of two teen girls
Samuel Little’s case demonstrates a commonly voiced complaint of veteran officers: A post-arrest criminal justice system that shows more compassion for criminals than victims
The society, which was founded in 1990, is a members-only club in Philadelphia; the group focuses their efforts on solving cold case homicides
These takeaways from a police PIO can prove beneficial to law enforcement communication pros in future cases
For more than 15 years, over countless interviews, a detective would chip away at the serial killer, working to get him to admit to the decades-old killings
A new documentary focuses on the two homicide detectives who led the investigation that resulted in the arrest of serial killer Richard Ramirez
The suspect is believed to have killed three women in the same building over the past six years
The killer’s cipher was cracked in December after 51 years, sparking a wave of renewed interest