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Submit crime prevention projects for the 2024 Problem-Oriented Policing Conference spotlight presentations

Agencies engaged in crime prevention and problem-solving projects are invited to share their experiences

Police Van on a Crime Scene

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By Police1 Staff

PHOENIX — The Center for Problem-Oriented Policing at Arizona State University announces the opening of its call for presentations for the 32nd Annual Problem-Oriented Policing Conference, to be held from September 12-14, 2024, at the Sheraton Inner Harbor in Baltimore, Maryland.

This conference serves as a premier platform for law enforcement professionals, researchers and agencies to exchange insights on strategic crime prevention and problem-solving initiatives.

Agencies actively involved in crime prevention projects utilizing a problem-oriented approach are encouraged to submit a summary of their work. The conference aims to showcase innovative and collaborative efforts in public safety that contribute to reducing crime and safety challenges. Interested participants are requested to email a brief, one-paragraph summary of their project to by 5 p.m. PST on Friday, April 1, 2024. Submissions should include:

  • The nature of the problem (e.g., residential burglary, domestic violence, carjackings)
  • Primary causes of the problem
  • Responses to the problem
  • Outcomes (if available).

Additionally, the call extends to agencies to apply for the 2024 Herman Goldstein Award for Excellence in Problem-Oriented Policing. This award recognizes agencies that have completed comprehensive problem-solving projects and assessed their outcomes. Submissions for this prestigious award are due by May 1, 2024.

The Problem-Oriented Policing Conference is renowned among law enforcement and public safety professionals for its in-depth focus on tackling various crime and safety issues. It brings together a diverse group of participants, including police officers, leaders in law enforcement, crime consultants and researchers, to share and learn from each other’s experiences in problem-oriented policing. The conference agenda will cover over 20 different crime and safety problems, offering workshops in various formats to suit different learning preferences.

For more information and to learn about the conference, visit the official website.