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New training facility in Ala. aims to strengthen public safety agencies with drone first responder programs

Rise DFR Village ensures that participants receive training that mirrors real-life situations, utilizing the latest drone technology

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Skyfire Consulting

By Police1 Staff

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — A new training facility designed to equip public safety agencies with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively implement drone first responder programs has launched in Alabama.

Skyfire Consulting, a public safety UAS consulting group, announced the launch of Rise DFR Village on April 9. The facility provides public safety agencies with testing, training and demonstration grounds to advance and adopt DFR programs, Skyfire Consulting stated.

“Rise DFR Village represents a significant leap forward in the integration of drones into public safety operations, and Skyfire is grateful for the support of the Huntsville International Airport and the City of Huntsville,” said Matt Sloane, Skyfire founder and CEO. “By providing a realistic training environment and collaborating with industry leaders, we are empowering first responders to leverage this life-saving technology to its fullest potential.”

Rise DFR Village’s training focuses on real-world drone operation scenarios. The facility features:

  • Realistic scenarios: Training includes urban, disaster and rural settings to prepare for various real-life situations.
  • Industry collaboration: Access to the latest drone technologies through partnerships with leading manufacturers and software developers.
  • Integration focus: The curriculum is designed to incorporate drone operations smoothly into existing public safety workflows, ensuring practical applicability.

This approach ensures that first responders are equipped with the knowledge and tools needed for effective DFR operations, aligning with the latest technological advancements and operational best practices, Skyfire Consulting said.

The Rise DFR Village includes multiple scenarios for law enforcement training, including:

  1. DFR (Drone First Responder)
  2. Indoor SWAT Demos and Training
  3. SAR (Search and Rescue)
  4. Accident Scene Reconstruction
  5. Critical Infrastructure & Utility Inspection
  6. Mapping & Modeling
  7. Counter UAS and Airspace Awareness
  8. Environmental Response and Surveying
  9. Medical Deliveries

As a hub for innovation and collaboration, Rise DFR Village aims to encourage the adoption of DFR programs nationwide. The initiative has garnered support from notable partners like BRINC, Parrot, AirData, DroneSense, Motorola (CAPE), Echodyne, DeDrone, the Huntsville Police Department and the University of Alabama Huntsville.