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Ensuring election safety: Insights from law enforcement leaders

Sheriff (ret.) Paul Penzone and Chief Chris Davis share their experiences and strategies for creating a secure voting environment amid varying local laws and threat landscapes

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By Police1 Staff

During election season, law enforcement plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety of election officials, voters and the public, while also fostering a welcoming environment for all. The best approach to achieving this goal varies by jurisdiction, influenced by local laws, community expectations, historical experiences and current threat levels.

In some areas, statutes restrict law enforcement’s roles at polling sites, while in others, their presence is expected at key locations. Despite these differences, there are key strategies that can aid every department in preparing for a safe and secure election season.

In this episode of The COPS Office’s What’s New in Blue podcast, Sheriff (Ret.) Paul Penzone from the Maricopa County (Arizona) Sheriff’s Office and Chief Chris Davis of the Green Bay (Wisconsin) Police Department share their insights on election security. They discuss the importance of advanced planning, understanding relevant laws and collaborating with community partners, especially when facing threats to voters, election officials, or polling places.