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Here are seven strategies to pay down debt and live within your means
From adjusting to new routines to supporting individual hobbies, retired LE couples can thrive and find joy in this new phase of life
Often in this profession, we think it’s work or family. We see it as either/or, but that’s not how it works
“Our film gives a voice to the spouses, significant others and children of the police family,” the media company’s release states
“I think [there should be a fallen officers’ memorial] in every county, honestly.” Robert Woonton said. “I’m proud of my father for starting the memorial and I’m grateful to be taking it over in the future”
“I heard [my father’s] stories growing up and saw how much impact it had … I wanted the same thing,” Officer Calyn Dausch said
“This career … often involves balancing work and family, and our chief is so supportive of the family life outside of work,” the Modesto PD stated
Corporal Jamie Haske has been with the Vancouver Police Department for 12 years; her son, officer Desmond Haske, joined in December 2021
“Some parents may not realize that their kids are scared about whether or not they’re going to come back home,” singer-songwriter Tenley Moran said
As a police officer, you need a personal support network to help you deal with trauma; your spouse and friends are a good place to start
Wife and mother to police officers – both deceased – her walls and shelves are covered by photos of them
By following actionable steps before, during and after a vacation, officers can embrace the therapeutic power of detachment
Pre-retirement workshops can be a helpful tool in preventing adverse outcomes during retirement
I know the landmines are there, but awareness alone won’t prevent the darkness of depression from creeping in
An old fire station was converted into a police substation in acknowledgment that officers cannot afford to live in the area
Found in the evidence room without a case number, Sgt. Adam Slater created a Facebook post that led to the scrapbook being returned
Proactive measures to navigate and support each other through challenging times
“Thank you for being a role model, leader and most importantly, my daddy,” Chief Michael Schlie’s daughter said over the radio
“We can best honor Sean’s sacrifice and legacy by our care for one another and for the greater good in the world,” the Gannon family said
Noah Shahnavaz, 24, was killed when a man got out of his car during a traffic stop and opened fire
Putting together a simple budget is not difficult. Here are some tips
Regardless of what option turns out to best fit your family’s needs, there are some very important points to remember as you’re making choices
“Thank God for neighbors who were inquisitive and said: ‘That screaming is not right,’” Sheriff Grady Judd said
It turned out to be my “magic number,” but it doesn’t have to be yours. Here are some simple ways to avoid becoming a divorced cop
Though it might be hard to find the time, it’s important for spouses of first responders to focus on their own needs, too
There will be both ups and downs, but you will meet incredible people and work with some of the best folks on the planet
During her stops at various PDs, Sophia Richards gave cards to officers that said, “Be strong and courageous for the Lord will be with you wherever you go”
You can set your family up for a great holiday season by shifting your mindset and approach, even making your own traditions