First responder PTSD bill passes Idaho Senate

The bill would give first responders who suffer from job-related PTSD workers’ compensation coverage

By News Staff

BOISE, Idaho — A bill that would give first responders PTSD coverage passed the Idaho Senate. reported that Idaho senators overwhelmingly voted in favor of a bill that would extend workers’ compensation coverage to first responders who suffer from job-related PTSD.

Currently, first responders can only receive workers’ compensation for PTSD if they also have a physical injury.

Idaho Senate Majority Leader Chuck Winder said it’s because of this policy that first responders are often forced to pay for therapy themselves and use their time off to get treatment.

Winder said the bill is “a giant step forward in how we as a society deal with first responders and the trauma they suffer when they are doing their duties throughout our state.”

The Senator highlighted several traumatic incidents first responders had to face, such as when a man stabbed nine people and injured six children, including one who died, and a fatal fiery car crash.

“Can you imagine being a first responder going into that situation?” he said. “Can you imagine being a first responder going out to that accident?”

The bill will now head to the House to be considered.

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