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‘Staying Healthy in the Fray’: Guidebook addresses impact of civil unrest on officer wellness

The new guidebook from the National Police Foundation aims to help officers maintain both their physical and mental health during stressful times

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By Suzie Ziegler

ARLINGTON, Va. — A new guidebook from the National Police Foundation aims to serve as a resource for officer safety and wellness amid civil unrest.

Staying Healthy in the Fray: The Impact of Crowd Management on Officers in the Context of Civil Unrest” offers recommendations to officers of all ranks to protect their mental and physical wellbeing “during times of heightened stress,” according to a release from the NPF.

The 47-page booklet outlines methods of maintaining physical and mental health, both at the individual and organizational levels.

“The goal of the guidebook is to provide a holistic sense of support for officers’ physical and mental health, both while at work and at home,” NPF officials explained in a statement. “We must develop and support organizational cultures that recognize and prioritize officer safety and wellness as an integral part of policing protests and the foundation of community policing.”

The guidebook was published in partnership with the Bureau of Justice Assistance.

Read the full guidebook below or download it here.