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Firearm training

Let’s review some of the new products transforming police firearms training and improving officer safety
From an automated targeting system designed to enhance shooting accuracy like never before to a nearly recoilless rifle, I witnessed an array of industry innovations
The UNIT4 looks and feels like an M4 carbine but cannot chamber and fire a live cartridge
Chris Broomell from discusses law enforcement firearms and training
Visit T4E experts at SHOT Show Booth #20501
“The new academy will support the highest level of instruction for cadets, troopers, and our law enforcement partners,” State Police Commissioner Col. Christopher Paris said
Check out the GOSAFE Mobile Safe and GOSAFE Mobile Mag at this year’s SHOT SHOW in Las Vegas
Whether training marksmanship, decision-making, or de-escalation skills, simulators can help instructors provide objective feedback on officer performance
This four-hour session focused on what to do when these electronic items – regardless of their quality – inevitably fail, or are adversely affected by water, mud or breakage
Product will be showcased at the world’s largest modeling, simulation and training event in late November
Training should include strong and support hand practice of skills including drawing from the holster, shooting, reloading and malfunction clearance