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6 driver’s licenses that made even the cop laugh

Can you even do that?

By Rebecca Volent

Being a police officer is tough.

You are expected to keep your cool in every situation. That includes keeping back a laugh in the most ridiculous of moments. Would you be able to hold it together if you came across these hilarious licenses?

1. The Guy with the Sketchball Haircut

Funny Driver''s License - Haircut

“I just want you to know what I look like in any hairstyle.”

2. The Woman Who Has a Questionable Address

Funny Driver''s License - Address

Sounds delicious.

3. The Fly Face

Funny Driver''s License - Fly Face

That ain’t no beauty mark.

4. The Unfortunate Family Name

Funny Driver''s License - Hitler

And the cruel parents who named him.

5. The Unlucky Guy Who Got Into A Fight the Day Before His License Renewal

Funny Driver''s License - Black Eye

And lost.

6. The Man Who Isn’t Just a Man

Funny Driver''s License - Wizard

“You’re a wizard, Harry.”

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