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Integrating Technology Into Mass Violence Prevention and Response

Just as technology is transforming patrol operations, it is also becoming an integral part of law enforcement threat assessment and response to acts of mass violence. This special Police1 guide outlines how agencies can integrate technology into mass violence prevention and response.

For technology to be useful, it must be available quickly, and officers have to be trained in its use
Whether you are the school resource officer on campus or an off-campus responder, access to current information regarding a critical incident is essential
During an active shooter event or other act of mass violence, getting eyes on the scene is essential for command decisions
An arena wired with a range of leading-edge sensors including video, audio, particulate sensors and occupancy detectors demonstrates an essential use case
Educating civilians about mass violence prevention and investigation technology procurement and policy development
In the future, it is conceivable that drones could be first responders to active shooter incidents
Technology advances are allowing incident commanders to think outside the box when preparing LE response to acts of mass violence
Seeking funding opportunities to prevent and plan for mass shootings remains a top priority for public safety agencies