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“Some parents may not realize that their kids are scared about whether or not they’re going to come back home,” singer-songwriter Tenley Moran said
Whether it be for a little stress relief from the job or a life-long passion, officers are picking up the microphone for their chance at stardom
After a rough few years for law enforcement families, hearing songs that exude pride for the profession is music to our ears
Tom Nitti became a trooper in 2015 after earning a Purple Heart for his military service in Afghanistan
The former police officer is set to participate in several Police Week events this weekend
Frank Ray visited with cops, firefighters and dispatchers during his 35-city music tour and stopped at Capitol Hill to introduce FRAY
Frank Ray always dreamed of becoming a country singer, but he never thought he would be performing at the Grand Ole Opry in his wildest dreams
The track, “Hold That Line,” hit over 50,000 streams in its first three weeks
The brothers wanted to honor Officer John Painter, who died alongside Campus Safety Officer J.J. Jefferson in February
A former church gospel singer and a classically trained pianist were the perfect pair to win the hearts of their community
The Yard Dogs say their band is a great way to escape the stress of police work
A concerned witness called police, not realizing the men holding rifles were actors with fake guns
The song focuses on officers with mental health illnesses and their families
NYPD Officer Steven Seidenstein broke out some “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” for a group of tourists waiting to get tickets to the Boss’ Broadway show
One of Walton County Sheriff’s Office’s own is gracing the cover of Country Music People Magazine UK