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Slain cop’s nephews share musical tribute to officers killed in campus shooting

The brothers wanted to honor Officer John Painter, who died alongside Campus Safety Officer J.J. Jefferson in February


Blood Brothers, Facebook

By Suzie Ziegler

HARRISONBURG, Va. — Nearly five months ago, two law enforcement officers were killed in the line of duty while responding to a campus shooting in Virginia. Bridgewater College Officer John Painter and Campus Safety Officer J.J. Jefferson were often called “the dynamic duo,” and their loss was deeply felt by the local community.

Yet their memory lives on. Recently, Painter’s nephews released a music video dedicated to their uncle and his sacrifice. Jacob and Austin Painter, who perform in the band Blood Brothers, wanted to create something to honor their lost family member, reported WHSV.

“We just cling to one another and love each other to get through it, but it’ll always just be a hole missing from our family forever,” Austin told WHSV.

Painter and Jefferson were killed on February 1, 2022, by a gunman who opened fire on the Bridgewater College campus. The suspect was arrested and charged with murder.

Days after their uncle’s death, Jacob and Austin wrote the song Until We Meet Again, which they performed at the officers’ funeral ceremony.

“I cannot write lyrics to save my life and I was just like, ‘What did me and Uncle John have?’” Jacob told WHSV. “He definitely helped us write that one.”

Jacob and Austin later connected with two digital media students at Bridgewater College who helped the brothers make a music video. The video shows the Painter brothers performing at Henleys Lake, where their uncle liked to spend time with family, the report said.

The brothers say the music brings people together and helps their uncle’s memory live on, according to WHSV.

Watch the Blood Brothers music video here.

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