Deputy who moonlights as country singer honors LE in new song

The track, “Hold That Line,” hit over 50,000 streams in its first three weeks

By Anne Berleant 

WINCHESTER, Va. — A Virginia deputy, who moonlights as a country singer, just turned up the volume with his latest hit that honors law enforcement officers.    

The track, “Hold That Line,” was released by Chris Darlington in March and hit over 50,000 streams in its first three weeks. While Darlington had recorded nine previous tracks in Nashville – one recent song peaked at #82 on Nashville’s MusicRow chart – “Hold That Line” is the first song he wrote specifically with his law enforcement brothers and sisters in mind.

The song’s release, he says, was meant to be a morale booster for law enforcement.  

“I felt law enforcement could use a pick-me-up after 2020,” he said. “So I scratched some lyrics on my phone, coming from my heart and 17 years of law enforcement experience.” 

The track begins at the start of an officer’s day: Lacing up those boots, strappin’ on that vest, spin that radio on, pin a star to your chest. Just doin’ what we love and doin’ what we do. 

The track celebrates the hardworking officers Darlington has worked beside for nearly two decades: We kiss our families before we go. Crazy world out there. Only the good Lord knows if we take that last call. The cavalry will be there to hold that line. We’re holding that thin blue line. ‘Cause that’s what we do. We don’t do it for the glory. We do it for you. 

Listen and share Darlington’s latest hit below.

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