'Got Your Six' playlist: Songs that support LEOs

After a rough few years for law enforcement families, hearing songs that exude pride for the profession is music to our ears

Songs that show support for law enforcement are becoming more common and honestly, it is refreshing to hear. After a rough few years for law enforcement families, hearing songs that exude pride for the profession is music to our ears (no pun intended) and they usually take off like wildfire.

There are also some classic songs that many love to listen to that proclaim support for first responders and the military.

Many songs are being added for use in making reels and tik toks, for special events, as background songs for slideshows, and more. Here are my top songs for a "Got Your Six" law enforcement playlist. Share your favorite cop songs in the box below.

Mr. Policeman by Brad Paisley

This is a fast, upbeat song and rather hilarious.

He’s One of the Good Ones by Gabby Barrett

This wildly popular song has been played all over the radio, on social media and commercials related to law enforcement.

Our Hearts Bleed Blue by Jay Dirks

This song is dedicated to the Dallas Fallen Officer Foundation and is beautifully written.

The Weight of the Badge by George Strait

A truly realistic song about what law enforcement officers and their families go through each shift and the weight of the career.

Officer Down by Hannah Ellis

Have your tissues ready for this one. It is a tear-jerker but so incredibly beautiful.

Sirens by Brother Joe

A true tribute to the law enforcement life and the music video includes local first responders in uniform and their families.

Stay in the Fight by Chase Curl

A wonderful tribute to police across the nation and offers eye-opening statistics about law enforcement that many people may not realize.

Sleeping with the Telephone by Reba McEntire

If you are a police spouse, this one is for you.

If It Wasn’t For The Badge by Artie Rodriquez

A country song dedicated to the men and women of law enforcement.

Bad Boys COPS Theme Song by Inner Circle

I know, super cliche, but hey, had to include it.

For a more comprehensive list of songs for law enforcement for every occasion, check out my blog post here

Police1 readers share their favorite COP songs

  • I can't compete with any of these awesome songwriters/artists. I do like to sit down and pen new lyrics to already great songs/tunes, with police poems I have written for Police1. "Police Man" can be sung to Elton John's classic tune "Rocket Man." My other poems are "You’ve Got The Good Cops" and "A Cop Today." – Officer Jeff Stagg.

  • "Graduation Day" by John Schumann. Great Aussie supporting police and vets.

  • "The Night Chicago Died" by Paper Lace.

  • The theme from "NYPD Blue."

  • Policeman by Chicago. “Every day he suffers ‘cause he sees all kinds of pain. Sometimes feels helpless in a world that’s gone insane. Then he wins a battle, it restores his faith again. It’s only human kindness he is after. ” This officer has also “lost the only love he’s known. He is a policeman.” This song captures, in just a few lines, our struggles and our sacrifice. As an aside, though the song was not written by either band members Terry Kath and James Pankow, each had brothers who were officers.
  • If you like hard rock, Five Finger Death Punch is very pro-LEO. Check out When Seasons Change, Got Your Six and Gone Away. These guys rock and they support us!
  • Anything from Forensic (a cop) and 1 time (a cop).
  • Radar Gun by The Bottle Rockets

Share your favorite law enforcement-themed songs in the box below.

Share your favorite law enforcement-themed songs and what they mean to you

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