3 Honolulu police officers charged in fatal shooting

The suspect, who was driving a car that was reported stolen, led police on a pursuit prior to the shooting

By Brandon Sapienza
New York Daily News

HONOLULU — Three Honolulu police officers have been charged in the April 5 shooting of Iremamber Skyap.

In a press release, lead Honolulu Prosecuting Attorney Steve Alm announced that Officer Geoffrey H.L. Them, 42 was charged with murder, and Zackary K. Ah Nee, 26, and Christopher Fredeluces, 40, were charged with attempted murder.

“If convicted, the officers will each serve mandatory minimum prison terms of 20 years without the possibility of parole due to their use of semiautomatic firearms in connection with the alleged offenses.”

The charges brought against the officers also carry a mandatory life sentence with the possibility of parole, according to the Honolulu prosecutor.

The District Court has already issued a summons that would force the officers to make an appearance in court on June 25. A hearing for the officers would be scheduled a month after that. During that preliminary hearing, a judge will determine if the case has probable cause to go to trial, according to Honolulu Civil Beat.

Skyap, 16, was driving vehicle that was reported stolen on the weekend of April 5. The vehicle was also reported to be part of a string of crimes that included another car theft, and an armed robbery. Officers engaged in a pursuit of Skyap and the five other passengers inside the car, and at the conclusion of the pursuit, shot Skyap through the back windshield of the car, killing him.

Last week, a grand jury declined to indict the officers in the case.

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