20 safety hacks everyone should know

Prepare yourself with these tips and tricks

Everyone loves a good life hack, and some of these just may save your life.

Yes, that hack where you can microwave two bowls at once using a mug is pretty neat, but will it keep you safe from a burglar? From everyday safety concerns to full out emergencies that place your life in danger, prepare yourself with these tips and tricks.

1. Want to prevent your money from being stolen? 

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Hide it in these everyday items. This hack is especially useful when going to the beach, or when you're traveling and want to store emergency money.

2. Dim headlights keeping you from seeing your surroundings?

Wash your lights with toothpaste. Use a paper towel to spread around the toothpaste on the headlight, then use a sponge to wipe it off with warm water. 

3. Are your hands restrained by duct tape?

Learn how to escape by watching this video.

4. What about a zip tie?

You can easily escape from that too.

5. Need to put out a pan fire?

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Cover the pan like this.

6. Found yourself with a burn?

Ease the pain with mustard. It may sting a little, but it will help the pain go away, along with reducing redness, and blisters, and scarring.

7. Want to make your car easily identifiable if it gets stolen?

Use bumper stickers.

8. Walking alone in the middle of the night?

Talk to someone on the phone so that if something happens, they can dial 911. 

Or you can download the Kitestring app or Companion app, which allows others to keep track of your whereabouts when you're in an unsafe area.

9. Someone grabbing your wrist?

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Break their grasp by pulling your arm toward where their fingers and thumb meet. 

10. Need to attack effectively?

Find out where your attacker's pressure points are.

11. Want to get away from your attacker?

Use your head...literally. Hitting your attacker's nose with your head is 2x more effective than punching with your fist. This is especially useful when someone grabs you from behind. Instead of elbowing the attacker, try using the back of your head to bash his face.

12. Or use pepper spray.

Create your own spray with these easy ingredients.

13. Just bought yourself a new house? 

Change all the locks. You never know who the previous owners gave a spare key to.

14. Want to keep your house safe while you're out?

Don't let your attacker know you're away. If you want to check-in with Facebook, do it after you leave the venue. Wait to upload your vacation pictures once you've returned home.

15. Can't afford a home security system but want to deter burglars?

Install a dummy security camera. They're available at Home Depot

16. Have windows looking into your garage?

Cover them so burglars can't see whether your car is there or not.

17. Is someone in need of CPR?

Use the song "Stayin' Alive" by the Bee Gees to keep the right tempo while doing your chest compressions.

18. Can't find your car in a parking lot?

Increase the range of your car alarm by placing it against your chin. 

19. Lost and can't find your way back?

Create your own compass. Take a needle or another metal object, rub it on a magnet, and have it float in water. It will point north. 

Or, if you don't have a magnet, a pocket knife may work as well. 

20. Left in the dark with a flashlight with a dead battery?

Create your own battery by using tin foil.

So there you have it! Some tips and tricks to keep you protected from some of life's dangers.

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