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Mindfulness is about grounding yourself to where you are so that you can respond to the situation you’ve been called to
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All officers need to be armed with researched responses to hotly debated issues
Using words that minimize the moral seriousness of behavior can help police investigators obtain the truth from a deceptive individual
Regardless of the situation, you must resist being so focused on providing assistance that you put yourself in danger
Setting a compliance baseline at the beginning of a vehicle stop can help improve officer safety
Sometimes referred to as the Priorities of Life, this concept is used to inform the decisions made during incident response
A shoplifter armed with a small pocketknife proves more of a threat than officers initially anticipate
Encirclement is an American police tactic that might be viewed by the untrained eye as kettling
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Six weeks on the force, I had to do what only a small percentage of officers ever do. I had no idea how much the incident would affect me
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